• Hidden Villages of Britain is published

    The handsome cover on my  new book is by Brian Cook Batsford, the illustrator and publisher behind the Batsford guides of the 1930s. These books which captured the essence of British life, particularly in rural areas, inspired the recent Channel… [ Read more… ]

  • Gower Peninsula guidebook is published

    This is a busy time of year for the Gower, that especially lovely peninsula in South Wales. Its glorious beaches attract many visitors, drawn by their expansive sandiness and surf-able waves. Dylan Thomas, a frequent visitor, described it as ‘one… [ Read more… ]

  • Tin Coast travels

    The end of 2016 saw me heading to Cornwall’s Tin Coast – that far-flung and ragged part of West Cornwall that is peppered with the workings of defunct tin mines and glorious sandy coves. Any time spent in this part… [ Read more… ]