Scribblings from a smallholding in Herefordshire. Writing about gardens, magic, homes, UK travel and many mysterious, over-looked and curious things.

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The nature-lover’s guide to growing flowers, herbs and veg from seed.

This guide to growing one hundred seeds is rooted in folklore and tradition. Many are my personal favourites, including Sweet Cicely, Amaranth, Selfheal and Wild Bergamot. Alongside the practicalities, each entry in three different categories – the kitchen garden, the hedgerow and the flower garden – comes with its own tales of magic, a lyrical description and different uses including remedies and for ritual. Each is beautifully illustrated by Prudence Rogers.

Following a career as a magazine editor, I now live in the depths of rural Herefordshire where I write books, magazine features about homes, gardens and UK travel, and do a lot of gardening, animal husbandry and orchard maintenance. The move to Herefordshire has also awakened my interest in the mythic landscape, earth energies, folklore and traditional customs, which increasingly inform my writing.
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