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The Witch's Year

Modern Magic in 52 cards

This card deck will guide you through a year of magic. Based on the cycles of nature and guided by the season, it will give you the tools and knowhow to unveil the magic that surrounds all of us. By clebrating the eight sabbats of the wheel of the year, it prompts you to activate your hidden power. 


Forty cards to guide you through the forest
of your subconscious

 Explore the dark forest of your mind to find shining stars and moons in the shadow places. Pick a card and discover moon goddesses, bird souls, wolves, rebels, water spirits, archetypes, wild elements and magical creatures, all intertwined in 40 gorgeous illustrations by Tijana Lukovic. Each image is full of hidden meanings and associations, which help you explore your shadow self, psychologically and magically. 

Published on 1 October 2024 (Watkins Books)

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